Saving Budget for Organic Foods



Saving Budget for Organic Foods

Keeping healthy comes at a cost. Organic food tends to be expensive due to reduced quantities and shelf life. However, managing your finances will allow you to eat organic and bring you long-term health benefits. Consider your budget. How much do you control your savings and expenses? It’s time to draft a long-term financial plan and start saving up. The Bryher Cafe & Caterers team will tell you how. Read on.


  1. Set up a savings account. We strongly recommend setting aside 20% of your income. The key is to stick to a realistic number. Bryher partners swear by this technique. Experts recommend using 50% of your income for what you need. 20% should be directed to savings and paying off debt. If your income isn’t enough to save 20%, try 10%. The 30% left are supposed to be used for what you want to purchase, like movie tickets, entertainment items.
  2. Cut off unnecessary spending. If you invest more than 30% of your after-tax income into wants, you are overspending. That makes you more vulnerable to unexpected expenses. An additional medical bill or paying for urgent repair services will affect your budget. Cutting off on products that have cheaper equivalents will help you save. Another step is unsubscribing from all the services and memberships that you don't use. Here at Bryher Cafe & Caterers the team is proud to share that we have eliminated unnecessary spending.
  3. Close your current debt. A part of your savings account will come in handy when trying to pay off a loan. Long-term debt is dangerous, especially in times of nationwide economic distress. A pay-off plan will enable you to control the process better. Debt repayment will offer you enough financial freedom to make your money work for you.
  4. Create a financial safety net. Besides your savings, drafting an emergency plan for unexpected expenses will help you stay away from credit card debt. We recommend doing a scheduled inventory every half a year and selling anything you don't use. It will save up space and generate more income.
  5. Talk to a financial advisor. If dealing with finances is not your strongest suit, don't worry. Asking for expert financial advice will help you manage your resources. A good counselor will help you adjust your financial goals, give you tips on saving and investing.
  6. Invest. Put your money to work. Earning off your savings account is easy if you find a good deal. Check local credit unions to see what opportunities they offer for a savings account. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) will provide you with better rates than a savings account since it temporarily locks your funds.


Learning to manage your finances will help you prioritize and plan. That's the secret to getting the benefits of organic food without going over budget. For reasonable pricing and organic foods, contact us.



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