How to Buy Rationally from Local Businesses



Buy Rationally from Local Businesses

Local businesses, such as Bryher Cafe & Caterers, are an economic ecosystem that connects the community. A local business invests more in the quality of its services. Moreover, a local company will invest the money earned locally. By giving back to the community, we are improving the quality of your life. Consumers that buy locally help their neighbors, their friends, families, and their community.


  1. Buy in bulk to save money. It makes sense for buyers to purchase larger quantities when shopping locally. The first reason is to strike a better deal. Secondly, you save up time and reduce transportation costs, since these shops are closer.
  2. Use cash to keep within budget. When shopping at farmers' markets, most vendors still prefer to work with cash. That eliminates the temptation of overspending by using your card. On top of that, you are buying fresh in-season produce, which also improves your health.
  3. Buy at a discount. Turning up later at a farmers' market will get you a lower price. Fruits and vegetables don’t last long, and the last person in line can negotiate. With other local businesses, asking for a discount could get you 10% off the initial cost. This works better with older stock items that are not in high demand.
  4. Become a regular customer. When you buy from the same place, you are a repeat customer. This title will often result in extra advantages: better prices, more discounts. As a local business, we depend on our relationship with the community; that's why we will go the extra mile to make our customers happy.
  5. Practice local banking. Credit unions are nonprofit organizations, and their main goal is to serve their members. Joining a credit union will get you better loan rates and provide financial assistance if you need it.
  6. Invest in your community. Local businesses employ more people in sales than chain-owned businesses. In practice, each dollar spent locally results in $0.45 reinvested locally by small businesses. Comparatively, big stores would invest in the community up to $0.15.
  7. Avoid impulse buying. In big stores, good marketing will influence you to buy more than you need. Local businesses offer a smaller range of products in one category. That makes it easier for customers to stick to their initial spending plan.


At Bryher Cafe & Caterers, we buy our ingredients locally. We want to think we are setting up a good example for the community. But also, we trust the local producers because we trust the local farmers. Their process does not involve extra packaging or harmful additives. As a consumer, we get the best products at a low market cost. In return, our suppliers recommend us to their friends and families.



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