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Organic teas from Bryher Cafe & Caterers are not treated with chemicals, which makes them a healthy beverage. Drinking a cup of this organic green tea can boost your energy better than coffee. And who doesn't know about the soothing effects of organic herbal teas? Paired with organic food, a fresh cup of tea will improve your wellbeing.


  1. By choosing our organic teas, you help the environment. The use of pesticides harms the tea you drink but also the ecosystems around the plants. That's why, when you switch to organic tea, you also support organic farms. The crops that are grown without pesticides and excessive fertilizers are less harmful to the environment.
  2. Even organic teas may contain adulterants. In other words, tea production allows additives to improve the aspect or the flavor of the tea. As a rule, loose-leaf versions tend to be more natural, while their tea bag equivalent is more likely to be colored or otherwise modified. Whenever possible, opt for tea leaves to ensure your beverage brings you natural nutrients.
  3. 'Natural' does not mean 'organic'. 'Natural' tea means that no additives were added before packing the product. It does not refer to the way tea plants were treated on the plantation. 'Organic' tea refers to the lack of pesticides while growing the crops and afterward. This category implies the use of organic agriculture. The taste of organic tea might be less pleasant without added sugar or flavors, but it is healthier.
  4. Medicine confirms the health benefits of green tea. Research has proved that the stimulating effect of green tea is due to a small amount of caffeine (up to 50 mg per medium cup). The antioxidants in green tea will support your immune system. Since green tea undergoes minimal processing, the plant preserves its phytonutrients and vitamins. Other than that, studies have shown that drinking green tea protects your bone tissue, helps reduce sugar intake, and maintains youth.
  5. Brewing makes a difference. To get the best out of your cup of tea, brew it the right way and consume it warm or cold, not hot. Oolong tea and green tea should be brewed for 3 minutes max, while black tea and herbs infusions require up to 5 minutes. Gently stir your tea to infuse the flavors, add honey, cinnamon, ginger, mint, or lemon.


Drinking tea at Bryher Cafe & Caterers is both pleasant and useful. Nevertheless, using it in moderation is recommended. The optimal dosage is three cups a day. Enjoy your tea!



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